From online workshops to innovative audits and technical assists our programme has two phases to help you overcome current challenges, achieve business goals and strive for success.

Our team is ready to equip you with tools to:

  • Unlock innovative thinking
  • Overcome the challenges of adopting AI
  • Ensure your business is capable of adopting the new technology
  • Help you deliver innovative and ethically appropriate products
  • Upskill your employees to utilise the technology

Phase One – A series of online knowledge, skill and innovative workshops

Phase 1 is a series of seven workshops, delivered by our enterprise professionals, designed to ensure you are innovation ready and equip you with the needed AI skills and knowledge!

With all partners having core AI knowledge, you will embark on phase one, with any one of our dedicated university partners.

In these workshops there will be an element of group work, making it a great opportunity to connect and network. You’ll also have access to online resources and material throughout the programme. The series of COVID safe workshops will cover:

Greater Manchester AI Foundry Phase one

Phase Two – Technical Assist

Some businesses may then be in scope to receive technical support to help develop a prototype, and will have the opportunity to progress to phase two. The technical support in phase two will be delivered by the partner with the most relevant specialism to your outcome objective. Explore the partner specialisms

What’s Next?

Simply register your interest, we’ll be in touch to discuss the programme, and make sure the Greater Manchester AI Foundry is suitable for your business.

Providing a COVID safe environment is our top priority, we are complying with Government social-distancing guidelines and are currently delivering our programme via online sessions.

(The Greater Manchester AI Foundry is fully-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project provides innovation consultancy and advisory against your state aid allowance. )

The project is providing innovation consultancy and advisory aid in line with the De Minimis Exemption (in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013, OJ L 352/1) and Innovation R&D aid in line with the General Block Exemption Regulation (in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 651/2014 of 17 June 2014, OJ L 187/1)

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